A Guide to Connecting with Your Online Customers

Sep 21, 2021 3:00:00 PM

With the rise of food delivery, some restaurant franchise owners are nervous the traditional relationship with customers is being lost. The more online delivery grows, the less opportunities there are for face-to-face contact. But is this really true?


Online delivery doesn’t mean losing contact with your online customers! Food franchises can still delight and impress with personalised touches, delicious food and smooth delivery.


To stay connected with your online customers, here are four steps your virtual kitchen brand can take:


Step 1: Get your delivery menu spot-on


How can a menu help you connect with online customers? Well, optimising your menu for delivery let’s customers know that their food delivery experience is central to your business.


Start with the following questions:

  • Does my food travel well?
  • What packaging can I use to improve the delivery experience?
  • How long does my food stay warm / crisp etc.?
  • Can my team create the dishes in time?


With a delivery-optimised menu, you’ll only connect with customers for the right reasons.


Step 2: Customise your digital presence


The first interaction customers have with your virtual kitchen brand is online. So make a good impression! Whether it’s listings on food delivery platforms (think witty descriptions, delicious food photography and branding) or your website itself – don’t get lost amongst the crowd.


Consider also allowing diners to customise their dishes. This shows you care about online customers dietary needs and preferences – leaving a positive impression before the food has even been delivered.


Step 3: Remember “real life” branding


The first interaction customers have is online, but the second will be in person – with the actual food delivery! So when diners unpack their food, what are they seeing?


Ensure diners remember your business by paying attention to branded packaging, keeping food fresh, warm and appealing. Remember to feature your logo and brand colours, and don’t forget sustainability and little extra touches like cutlery and condiments.


In the age of social media and Instagram posts, if you can present delivery food in a beautiful, unique or funny way, customers will actively connect with you too.


Step 4: Create perks and personalisation


We’ve mentioned those little touches already, but your ghost kitchen brand can go one step further. Think about how you can create customer incentives and loyalty programs to keep online customers coming back for more. Vouchers and coupons, discounts for referring friends and free delivery with orders over a certain amount are all options.


What’s more, you can include personalised touches like thank you notes, smiley faces or cards to encourage interaction (think social media photo sharing competitions) to create even more of a memorable, personalised experience.



For many ghost kitchen brands, connecting with online customers can feel challenging. But even without a bricks-and-mortar restaurant, there are many ways to connect through online delivery.


If you’re looking to get started in the world of food delivery, Peckwater Brands can help you run a virtual food brand from your existing kitchen. With uniquely flexible fully-serviced food concepts – you run the kitchen, we do the rest.

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