The Advantages of Adding Ancillary Items to Your Menu

Jul 23, 2021 3:00:00 PM

Peppering your online delivery menu with ancillaries and side dishes is a great way to boost your kitchen’s revenue and visibility; and it’s easy, too. Let’s take a look at how ancillary items can supercharge your online revenue stream and get your menu in front of a wider audience.

Delivering Desserts

When it comes to menu ancillaries, desserts are king right now – there is a strong market trend towards deliverable desserts that’s not showing any signs of slowing down. And, of all the desserts, it’s ice-cream that comes out on top. According to recent research, ice cream products make up more than half of online dessert orders. Who knew? Turns out it’s a particularly popular choice for those also ordering pizza or burgers.

Adding ice-cream to your online menu is a doddle, too. Many popular ice cream brands have a wide distribution network, so obtaining supply is easy. Added bonus: there’s the potential for joint campaigns via a specialist delivery platform to increase your reach even further.

The cherry on top? There’s no prep or additional equipment required – it’s just a case of pulling a pack out of the freezer.

Up Your Average Order Value

This is the big one. By incorporating sides, drinks and desserts into your online menu, your kitchen is almost guaranteed to see a spike in the value of the average order coming in as customers fill their online baskets with tasty extras. 

Adding customisation options at check-out can further boost the value of your average order: consider combo or ‘meal deal’ suggestions; or the facility for customers to add premium elements to their order, like a specialist topping.

Increase Your Visibility

Adding ancillary items to your online menu has the added benefit of providing a kick to your visibility, meaning that more brand-new customers are going to see you. The partnerships that some delivery platforms have established with certain ice-cream or candy bar brands offer significant advantages to those kitchens offering this menu item – effectively, the heavy lifting work of increasing your customer base is going to be taken care of for you in this scenario, getting your menu in front of a whole new demographic of dessert-hungry diners.

Giving the People What They Want

A selection of sides, drinks and desserts is increasingly what online food delivery customers both want and expect to see, and adding these items to your menu can generate significant additional revenue for your kitchen as well as boosting your online presence.

Giving ice-cream or candy a place on your menu is an easy way to both respond to general customer demand and up the value of your average online order with minimal effort expended. Sweet.

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