How To Get Your Food Franchise To The Top Of Food Delivery Platforms – And Stay There

Aug 31, 2021 10:00:00 AM

With millions of daily users, it’s no surprise that online ordering and delivery platforms are incredibly competitive marketplaces. 

Thousands of food franchises are vying for customers’ attention and getting to the top of the listings is key. Those who rank highest will reap the benefits both in terms of increased exposure and sales. 

Whilst delivery platforms each have their own algorithm, there are a few common metrics. So if you want to get your restaurant franchise to the top of the list, here are the 4 most important factors...


1. Quicker delivery times


This is the number one way to improve your food delivery ranking.


Whilst no one knows exactly how ranking algorithms work – it’s clear consumers prefer to order from takeaways offering the fastest delivery times. We’ve all been there, and there’s nothing worse than waiting hours when you’re starving!


Delivery times cover the time taken for a customer to receive their food after placing their order. The quicker you can process orders, prepare the food and get it out for delivery, the better.


Ultimately, quicker times lead to higher rankings, and higher rankings result in more orders. So can you keep up the pace!?


2. Improve user ratings


It’s important to pay attention to customer reviews and user ratings on delivery platforms. Your business might have great reviews on google or social media – but what about the platform customers use to place orders?


Encourage customers to leave reviews and star ratings, and pay attention not just to the quality of your food but also customer service. Order accuracy, functional packaging and little extras like cutlery, condiments and even handwritten thank you notes all make a difference.


Many apps even have a “top-rated” section, showcasing the best performing stores. If you can make it here, there’s massive potential to increase orders.


3. Increase order values


If your virtual kitchen brand can increase the average value of each order – then your ranking is also likely to increase. 

But why is this? 

Similarly to order acceptance rates and customer reviews, food delivery platforms reward success.


Whilst it’s tempting to simply add hundreds of items to your menu, think carefully about what you can deliver. Special offers or combo deals are a great way of increasing the amount spent, as are free delivery and % discounts when you spend over a certain amount.


4. Organise beautiful photography


It’s been shown that restaurant franchises with tempting photography can increase orders by more than 35% on delivery platforms. Customers can be enticed to try new dishes, whilst also letting them know what to expect. This will improve order values, user ratings and overall branding – an all round win.


As a final consideration, don’t forget menu management. By this, we mean arranging your takeaway menu in a logical way that customers are familiar with. The easier you can make it for people to find the food they want, the higher you’ll climb up those rankings.



If you run a kitchen, Peckwater Brands can help you gain extra orders, revenue and margin.  Providing kitchen operators with fully-serviced yet flexible food concepts – we work alongside you and your brand. Book a call today to find out how we can help grow your business.

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