How to Keep Your Delivery Drivers Happy (So Your Food Gets to Customers FAST)

Nov 18, 2021 3:00:00 PM

Any virtual kitchen brand knows how important it is to keep their customers happy. Whilst it’s vital to ensure the quality of your food is up to scratch – the only staff that customers directly come into contact with are your delivery drivers! 

They play an essential role in your food franchises’ success. If a customer has a single inefficient, unpleasant delivery experience then they are unlikely to order again.


So how can you keep your delivery drivers happy, improve communications and efficiency? Here are the main things to bear in mind…


It’s all about communication…


To improve the efficiency of your food delivery service, it’s all about communication.


This involves communicating order statuses (to ensure your drivers aren’t waiting around for unfinished orders), implementing text communication (even something as simple as an “arrived” or “delivered” update) or just picking up the phone. It all shows you genuinely care about your drivers wellbeing and the orders they’re delivering.


What’s more, if drivers understand what orders are coming in (and where they’re going), they can also maximise their time by grabbing multiple orders at once or fueling before a long run.


Make your drivers feel welcome


Food franchise owners need to remember delivery drivers are outside, working long hours in tough conditions. So, if they’re in your premises waiting for orders – why not offer them a cup of coffee or a drink of water whilst they wait? These little touches are all part of creating a positive work environment for everyone that’s part of your business.


Your staff and delivery drivers are key to the success of your ghost kitchen brand. If you keep drivers happy, their improved morale will also translate into improved customer service. So why not consider warm clothes to wear in winter, discounts on food or even snacks to grab and go?


Create professional policies and standards


Making your drivers feel welcome will help with staff retention and cutting recruitment costs. It’s all part of improving your food delivery service and running your food franchise operations efficiently. To make sure this happens consistently, create official policies and standards for your virtual kitchen brand.


This relates to how your staff interact with customers (and each other), as well as communicating your expectations, working hours and food safety requirements. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, policies on food handling, wearing face coverings and using hand sanitiser are also crucial. It will keep both your drivers and diners feeling safe and happy!


Ask your drivers


If you’re wondering how to keep your delivery drivers happy – who are the first people you should ask? Your drivers!


Regularly and actively seek out their feedback on what is working well, and what could be improved. They’ll have valuable insight on how your customers perceive your business and ways to improve communication and policies.


As the first point of contact with your customers, they are really at the front-line. As part of this, make sure you’re genuinely listening and willing to implement any useful ideas.


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