How to Level Up Your Restaurant Operation’s Profitability

Jul 16, 2021 10:00:00 AM

You’ve got your kitchen, your staff, and your operations running quite nicely. Fancy upping your efficiency while increasing your profit (all from your existing set-up)? A Virtual Brand will do exactly that. 

How a Virtual Brand Can Deliver Big

A delivery-only virtual brand can run alongside your existing operations and be tailored to make the most of the ingredients you are already using to maximise efficiency and minimise waste. These bespoke menus are created with delivery in mind, featuring dishes that are designed for quality (even after traveling to their destination).

‘Peckwater Brands’ is a quickly growing virtual brand franchise company in the UK, and offers kitchen operators a fully conceptualised delivery franchise with a three week onboarding period during which staff provide training support for your kitchen team.

The huge increase in delivery orders that these virtual brands can generate means all sorts of extra profit that kitchen owners can use to grow their business or open new premises. They also provide the opportunity for reaching new customers and expanding on an area of an existing menu.

Best Fitting Brands

As part of set-up, a brand would be chosen based on your local area’s needs, preferences, and consumer trends. A menu designed to fit in with your existing kitchen operations, in order to further maximise uptake and profit-making potential, can then be integrated. By selecting a brand that will make the most of your kitchen’s current output, both wastage and ingredient costs could be significantly reduced.

Monetising Your Menu

A virtual brand restaurant can offer a ready-branded menu that in addition to your current operation, or can be a great way to showcase a successful item already featuring on your current menu. Virtual brand menus also offer the opportunity for a kitchen owner to trial new items and dishes before rolling them out into their existing dining-in operation.

Reach Multiple Delivery Platforms

A key benefit of running a virtual brand restaurant from your kitchen is its ability to reach multiple delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo; making for a slick system that ensures the ordering process is simple for customers. Peckwater Brands uses one point of sale (POS) system to reach these platforms, guaranteeing a streamlined, hassle free interface that links customers to kitchen, further driving up orders and revenue.

Virtual Brands Deliver 

Incorporating a virtual brand into your existing kitchen can not only optimise your restaurant operations, but also drive sales in off-peak periods and expand your customer base. Perhaps you would like to have more orders at a certain time of day, when your kitchen is quiet, in order to maximise profitability. Perhaps you would like a wider demographic of customers, or would like to expand your menu, or make it fully deliverable, where this is not currently the case.

Whatever your kitchen situation, a virtual brand can help you make the most of your space, your staff, your equipment and your ingredients, boosting your revenue, profitability and visibility. In short, a virtual brand can deliver big for your restaurant.

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