How to Run Your Food Franchise Operations Efficiently

Sep 13, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Successful virtual food brands thrive on efficiency. It’s an industry that’s all about speedy service, teamwork and of course delicious cuisine. Now more than ever, consumers expect high-quality food delivery.


For any restaurant franchise (not just those specialising in online ordering!) hyper-efficient and economical working practices can make or break your business. If time and costs run away from you, revenues will start to dwindle.


So how can you make sure your food franchise operations run with maximum efficiency? Follow these key tips and you’ll not only increase productivity but supercharge your profits.


Go digital


To improve the efficiency of your food delivery business, one of the first things you must do is make the most of digital tools.


This includes restaurant management software to track and analyse sales, purchasing and inventory as well as staff training and waste reduction. Standardising your reporting will also provide you with a firm overview of every aspect of your business, further reducing time spent manually inputting and exporting information.


Utilise food delivery platforms


If you aren’t on the major food delivery platforms yet – why not!? Ghost kitchen brands can grow exponentially when working with the right partners. Instead of time-consuming website management and complex ordering systems, make the most of automated, tried-and-tested procedures.


Virtual brand companies (such as Peckwater Brands!) can help you get listed with all the major platforms. With additional branding, supplier, staff and technology support – you’ll have more time to focus solely on running your kitchen.


Invest in your inventory


Poor purchasing decisions are a nightmare for any business – but especially food franchises. Your food inventory is closely related to your cash flow, so it’s a vital aspect to get right.


To improve inventory management, take a look at your menu. Could you add more dishes that share ingredients to make it easier to estimate purchasing volumes? With the right management software, you can also automate stocktaking and generate orders at the touch of a button.


All this will cut down food costs and minimise wastage – literally stopping profits being thrown away!


Streamline recipes and methods


Introducing menu items that share ingredients is one thing – but could you also standardise the recipes themselves? Customers demand flavour, freshness and reliable quality.


If your chefs can’t provide consistently excellent dishes, then your methods and training need attention. Standardisation and appropriate instruction will allow staff to work more efficiently, enhance quality and improve reviews. A win, win – win!?


Improve employee onboarding


Any business owner will tell you their staff are their most important asset. With this in mind, make sure your training and onboarding process are up to scratch. This doesn’t just improve efficiency, but makes new employees feel welcome and appreciated too.


Consider things like step-by-step videos for new dishes or rewards systems for training milestones. Staff turnover in the hospitality industry is notoriously high, especially for virtual kitchen brands. The less time you have to spend on recruitment – the better.



Implementing efficient systems and processes can be time-consuming in the short term, but is an essential step for any food franchise. With software solutions, inventory management and improved training, you’ll be in the driving seat of a well-oiled machine.


Peckwater Brands specialise in fully-serviced, flexible food concepts. So if you’re looking to diversify your revenue streams, improve efficiency and increase delivery orders – discover how we can help grow your business.

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