The 3 Top Food Tech Innovations of the Year

Jan 2, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Ghost kitchen brands are known for rapid tech adoption. In the competitive world of online food delivery – you can’t afford to be left behind!


Digitisation is no longer a “nice to have”, but a vital element of the food and drink industry. New tech solutions are constantly developed to help ambitious restaurant franchises grow their business and connect with customers. From streamlining the ordering process to revolutionising delivery and payment systems… it’s all covered.


To help you stay one step ahead, here are our picks of the three most exciting food tech innovations of the year:


Ordering Platforms


Of course, online and mobile ordering is nothing new – but 2021 saw the rapid growth of QR code ordering across the hospitality and entertainment industries.


One of the leading players for 2021 was Mr Yum. They boast the “world’s most powerful QR code mobile ordering system” to create magical customer experiences – all whilst growing your data, sales and business efficiency. Food franchises are able to make instant menu updates (responding to stock levels and demand), with powerful reporting, marketing and insight tools built in.


It’s completely web-based, meaning there’s no app for customers to download. With many ghost kitchen brands and established restaurants already trusting Mr Yum, it easily integrates with existing POS systems. What’s not to love?


Delivery Solutions


In one survey, 80% of consumers reported being likely to switch to a competitor after just one bad experience. For virtual food brands, one poor delivery experience could mean losing a customer for life!


Luckily, there’s some great tech to help with this. Recently launched, Apex smart order pickup solutions allow for fast, contactless pick-up for diners, with 24/7 data visibility for restaurant franchise owners.


We know delivery can be a source of frustration, with potential for delays, misplaced addresses and miscommunication. Apex order pick-up places power with the consumer, allowing them to pick-up dishes from innovative temperature-controlled lockers with fully automated order fulfilment. It’s one less thing to worry about for 2022…


Payment Systems


So – your customers have enjoyed a smooth mobile ordering journey and picked-up their delicious food with ease. What’s left? Making sure payments and financial reporting are equally quick and seamless.


Enter Sunday App. Sunday is the latest, fastest way for customers to pay for food delivery. They promise increased average spend (+12%), more tips (+40%) and less time spent manually sorting payments.


Built by restaurant franchise owners, for restaurant owners, it connects front and back of house operations in one fully-integrated system. If you’re running multiple virtual food brands from one kitchen, it also allows for multiple menus (easy to update and manage) with integrated reporting.


To keep up with the latest food tech innovations, check out the Peckwater Brands blog. We’re constantly searching for the best tech to help virtual kitchen brands improve their operations. Whether it’s emerging food delivery trends for 2022, technology to improve your in-house operations or setting-up online loyalty schemes – we’ll keep you up-to-date and one step ahead of the competition.

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