How can virtual brands transform a business? 

May 30, 2022 7:30:00 AM

At Peckwater Brands, we pride ourselves on simultaneously driving innovation within the hospitality sector, whilst helping businesses to transform their performance. 


How do we achieve this? Simple: we help restaurants, cafes, takeaways, and bars to incorporate virtual brands into their existing operations. 


For those unfamiliar with the term, virtual brands exist solely on third party food delivery platforms such as Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats. They can be seamlessly incorporated into a kitchen’s existing operations, without forcing the business owner to dedicate more time and resources to ensure its success. It operates completely independently from the original brand, yet it compliments it perfectly, and can completely transform the business. 


So, how exactly can a virtual brand help your business? 


Reduce waste

For one thing, virtual brands can help hospitality businesses to reduce their waste output. Food waste costs UK restaurants an eye-watering £682 million each year – and particularly in the current economic climate, it is unlikely that such organisations can afford to dismiss such a massive cost.


Virtual brands can provide a solution to this. Indeed, a kitchen can select a virtual brand which aligns with its original menu and share of ingredients. This will mean that the kitchen can use the ingredients it already has (save for a few additional spices or condiments) within the new menu. As such, less food is needlessly wasted.  


For example, a Mexican restaurant will have the primary ingredients like chicken, beef and rice to take on a virtual brand for Chinese cuisine. So, what would have been wasted by the native business due to lack of demand can instead be used to fulfil an order for a virtual brand. 


Using idle resource

Like food waste, hospitality businesses, which are not operating at full capacity will have plenty of idle resources in the form of staff and equipment – and this can make for an inefficient kitchen. 


This is another issue virtual brands can resolve. Having a second brand working alongside the original one will increase the number of orders going to the kitchen. And more orders will mean more work for members of staff, whom may have otherwise been left with extra capacity and, frankly, bored. Likewise, a use will suddenly be found for previously idle equipment. 


This will all feed into the creation of a more efficient kitchen. And of course, a more efficient kitchen is more likely to see an increase in turnover.


Boosting profitability

With a separate brand in operation alongside the original one, a kitchen will likely experience an increase in orders – and this will inevitably result in increasing revenue! Indeed, Peckwater Brands’ partners report earning between £12,103 and £57,659 in additional revenue every month.


And combined with reduced waste and improved efficiency, it is evident that virtual brands have the potential to transform a business!


But don’t take our word for it. Read Mohammad’s story to see how Peckwater Brands helped to transform his chicken shop:


Mohammad was keen to sign up for Peckwater Brands after seeing how successful it was with a friend of his in the industry. The pandemic had affected his sales and he was keen to use his extra space and capacity to provide additional revenue. He was also finding it increasingly difficult to stay on top of food trends and keep customers of all ages engaged. 


To remedy this, Mohammad launched in 2021 with two of Peckwater Brands’ chicken brands. For him, working with Peckwater Brands has not only provided an additional revenue stream, but has also solved his problem of engaging with a wider audience. The creation of Peckwater Brands’ brands included analysing market data to get ahead of trends in the food industry - which is reflected by Mohammad’s customer base expanding to include younger members. 


The results speak for themselves – Mohammad has secured an additional £53,718 in sales to date!


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