How Delivery Can Deliver Big For Your Kitchen

Jul 26, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Online food delivery has been climbing the market trend charts for some time now and continues to grow; the only way is up!

Digitising your menu to be offered online with orders taken care of via a specialist delivery platform not only offers your restaurant a brand shiny new revenue stream, but also boosts your visibility, your brand, your range, and your reach. Here’s how:

New Revenue

If you’ve not offered an online delivery menu before, this step alone is going to draw in both existing customers who have a preference for delivery, and new app-savvy patrons who may not have been aware of your presence. This double-yolker of a benefit offers powerful potential in terms of increased revenue.

Brand Building

An online delivery menu is going to increase your reach exponentially through the visibility that a presence on a delivery platform offers. A restaurant could choose to flex these muscles either in relation to their existing operation, or through the creation of a new online brand to target a whole different audience. 

Perhaps your kitchen currently runs as a fine dining operation, but you can see potential in pizza. In this scenario, the two operations can run out of the same kitchen, alongside each other, simply using differently branded packaging. As well as generating new revenue, this kind of set-up allows for new efficiencies in terms of ingredient supplies and minimising waste. Slick, right?

Advantages of Automation

The automating of the online ordering and payment process offered by a dedicated delivery platform means that staff time does not need to be expended on this side of the operation.

Furthermore, an automated ordering system allows for easy record keeping while giving kitchen owners the opportunity to analyse the captured data. Keeping track of dishes or campaigns that have performed well is simple, and information on customer profiles can be extracted efficiently. For example – and let’s go back to our pizza trialling fine dining joint – perhaps the data would reveal that certain toppings sell best and should be offered as add-ons. Or maybe one side of town (the one that doesn’t have a high street chippy) orders a LOT of fries. Useful stuff.

Delivering Future Customers

Embracing online food delivery and welcoming it into your kitchen could pay dividends.

The potential for an increase in revenue is only half the story - although that potential is vast. As well as introducing a new income stream to your operation, an online menu can serve to draw customers into your physical space, too – customers who may have only ordered online previously could be tempted to come partake of the dine-in experience. It offers the opportunity to begin and nurture a relationship with new customers who may never have found their way to you otherwise. It maximises your kitchen’s efficiency, using the resources you already have to generate new income and welcome new patrons.

And maybe – just maybe – you’ll get to throw some pizza dough. 

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