Maxed Out Your Food Delivery? Here’s How To Ramp It Up

Apr 11, 2022 7:00:00 AM

As any small business owner will tell you, running your own company is certainly no easy feat.


Creating a community of returning customers requires consistent hard work. The virtual food brand industry is particularly competitive, with diners eager to try out new dishes and restaurants all the time.


Even if your food delivery business is performing well, it can sometimes feel like you've hit a wall in terms of growth. With this in mind, we’ve compiled these four proven tips to increase your food delivery orders and supercharge your operations…


1. Digital discoverability


For any restaurant franchise, improving your rankings on major online food delivery platforms is an essential way of ramping-up your orders.


After this, focus on your own website – and making your business fully discoverable on Google. If you don't already have a simple landing page, well now’s the time.


As part of this, encourage online reviews (through printed cards along with deliveries, or special offers). Not only will positive reviews attract new customers, but they will also improve your SEO and online food delivery platform rankings in turn.


2. Building an attention grabbing menu


In a traditional restaurant setting, customers might see dishes other customers are eating, or stroll past an inviting window. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible for ghost kitchen brands!


Consequently, your digital menu should include as many appealing images as possible. Remember customers can't smell the food coming from your kitchen or see other diners enjoying their experience – so you have to get this across with your descriptive language and high quality images!


Invest in beautiful photography as well as wonderfully-written descriptions of your dishes. This should include any side dishes, sauces or common add-ons. Not only will this provide diners with a clear idea of what to expect, but it's a great way to upsell other items too.


3. Create discounts and reward schemes


When customers search for online food delivery, they’re looking for a combination of quality and value for money. The ghost kitchen brand sector is notoriously competitive, and diners will be comparing your brand against other similar restaurants.


Time limited discounts are a great way of attracting new customers – who can grow into loyal diners through reward schemes for returning customers. Restaurant tech is key here, which will help you track diners’ ordering habits and create automated, personalised offers to keep them coming back for more.


4. Speed is key


The three previous tips are all designed to increase your food delivery sales. There's no point increasing orders however, if you can't keep up with demand.


In the virtual food brand market, speed of service is everything!


This starts with order processing, continues with prep times and handover processes, right through to your food’s journey to the customer. With this in mind, audit your menu and focus on tailoring dishes for speedy preparation, as well as investing in thorough training for your staff.


Peckwater Brands empower kitchen operators to run successful food delivery franchises. Whether it’s increasing your profit margins, installing the latest tech or reducing food waste, get in touch today to discover how we can help you grow your business.

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