How To Analyse Data To Improve A Delivery-Only Food Franchise

Sep 17, 2021 3:00:00 PM

Good data is essential to the running of any modern business – and restaurant franchises are no exception. Modern point of sale (POS) systems collect and organise a massive amount of data that online food delivery businesses can use to their advantage.


Having the right data (and knowing what to do with it!) allows virtual food brands to efficiently plan menus, organise staffing and improve customer experiences. All this in turn means that profits can be increased.


So how can you analyse data to improve your food franchise? Here’s a few ideas…


Optimise your delivery menu


For the right balance between innovation and profitability, take a look at your sales report data to identify which dishes are most popular with customers. Pay attention to costs (such as ingredients and preparation time) and assess the profits for each dish.


This might lead to some surprising discoveries – for instance, are your most popular dishes actually making you money? If not, are there any ingredient swaps you could implement? Use this data analysis to push dishes that are both popular and profitable.


As part of this process, remove any dishes that aren’t ordered frequently. Streamlining your menu will not only help customers place orders swiftly, but also reduce preparation time and inventory costs.


Improve staff scheduling


We’ve already touched on the ways data can improve your food delivery menu. But have you thought about how it can improve staffing levels too?


By looking at busy periods (both across days of the week and times), you can always have the right number of staff in place. This will allow you to generate more income, improve efficiency and keep employees happier. There’s nothing worse than feeling under-staffed and overworked, so anything you can do to avoid this will help reduce staff turnover.


Understand your customers


Online food delivery offers several opportunities for restaurant franchises. One of these is the way that data can help you understand your customers. Diners spend more when they have a personal connection to a restaurant – and this is no different for virtual food brands.


Customer sales data can help you reward loyal customers and keep track of allergies and personal preferences. With access to geographical data, you can also streamline delivery processes.


Analyse shifts in demand


Online delivery platforms make it easier for ghost kitchen brands to analyse their own performance. If you track your most popular dishes over time, what patterns emerge?


If customers order specific dishes at specific points (i.e. salads for lunch, burgers for dinner, or even seasonal changes) – can you establish multiple brands or rotate menu items to cater for this? The right data will help you understand customer behaviour and provide inspiration for ways you can meet these demands.



Data is one of the most important tools for any virtual kitchen brand. With clever analysis, you can optimise your offering, schedule staff rotas and swiftly take advantage of new business opportunities.


For more advice and inspiration, check out the Peckwater Brands blog. Whether it’s running your food franchise efficiently to consumer habits and understanding food delivery algorithms, stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and trends.

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