How To Get Your Kitchen Delivery-Menu Ready

Sep 22, 2021 3:00:00 PM

The recent exponential rise of food delivery in the UK is showing no signs of abating. If current trends continue, by 2025 online delivery will account for 40% of a restaurant’s total sales!


With this in mind – it’s time to make sure that your kitchen is fully optimised for delivery.


To help make the most out of your kitchen set-up, we’ve created this handy guide full of practical tips to increase efficiency and improve quality. From software systems to kitchen layout and staff training, make sure that your food franchise is prepared for delivery success.


Why optimising for delivery matters


Did you know that £2 of every £10 spent on food service in 2020 was online delivery? In the aftermath of Covid-19, it’s become evident how integral food delivery is to restaurant franchise operations. This shift in consumer behaviour is expected to drive industry trends for many years to come.


Online food delivery means increased profits, greater brand awareness and increased business opportunities. But to succeed on delivery platforms, you need to produce top-quality food and service time and time again. This is where optimising for delivery comes in…


For a truly efficient delivery kitchen, the entire process from order placement to preparation, packing and delivery needs to be considered. Let’s take a look at each aspect in turn.


Receiving Orders


Getting your kitchen delivery-menu ready starts before an order’s even been placed!


For optimum delivery efficiency, make sure your menu contains simplified yet delicious meals – that travel well and can be packaged appealingly.


It’s vital to invest in automated order systems that make reporting and analysis simpler. Being able to tailor your kitchen menu, track orders and purchase ingredients all through one platform will vastly improve efficiency.


Preparing Dishes


The orders are flying in! Now for the next step… actually preparing the dishes.

As well as getting staffing levels and training spot-on, you’ll want to optimise your kitchen layout. Different layouts will suit different restaurant franchises and preparation methods – so here are three of the most common:


Zoned Kitchen


A great layout for food delivery, zoned kitchens makes the most of different areas for specialised tasks. Staff utilise their own area and equipment, allowing different styles of dishes to be prepared at the same time.

Best for: Restaurant franchises with varied menus and high staffing levels.


Assembly Line


The most common kitchen layout, used predominantly in fast-food establishments (often with limited menus) where efficiency and communication are key.

Best for: Kitchens with high order volumes and super-quick service.


Island Kitchen


A layout featuring a central hub for the cooking and prep area. Staff mainly work around the central island, with the perimeter used for storage.

Best for: Kitchens with large floor space where teamwork is key.


Packaging and Delivery


For any restaurant franchise serious about optimising for delivery – creating a dedicated packing area is essential.


Make sure this area is close to the kitchen and offers ease of access for delivery drivers. If you run a restaurant as well as a virtual kitchen brand, try to keep pick-up separate from dine-in guests.


Remember to ensure that staff are fully trained on your processes (adjusting as necessary). This way, orders will be accurate and complete, further increasing ratings and reviews.



Optimising your kitchen for delivery is an ongoing process. As well as making sure that training and kitchen layouts are in place – keep up momentum by continually analysing data; refining your methods and menus over time.


With great delivery design, you can grow your business and increase profits. Peckwater Brands help thousands of virtual kitchen brands create seamless ordering, preparation, packaging and delivery processes. Let’s get your kitchen delivery-menu ready.

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