How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Aug 6, 2021 10:00:00 AM

You’ve successfully got online orders coming in from brand new customers – but keeping them coming back is the trick that, if mastered, can make the biggest difference to your bottom line. A happy customer usually turns into a repeat customer, so giving your patrons the best experience possible while meeting their expectations is fundamental in generating those all-important second, third, fourth….and maybe even fiftieth orders. We’ve listed some tips below to help you ensure your customers’ experience is second to none.

Quality is Key

First and foremost, your customers are ordering from you with the expectation of receiving an item that has been accurately depicted on your menu. Make sure that your menu matches your deliverable so there are no disappointments on the other end. Does your menu show 6 Onion Rings in the item photo? Make sure you’re giving them at least 6!

Also make sure to ace the variables that customers can’t always see from a picture. Check that things are kept properly to ensure freshness - like that the fryer oil is being regularly changed and that salad items, for example, are being stored correctly to avoid wilting.

Keep food safety at the forefront of prep, and use a probe to check internal temperature to make sure items are properly cooked.

Perfect Presentation 

Your customer will make a judgement, as we all do, on how food looks as well as how it tastes, so take care that nothing goes out burnt and that each order is presented as appealingly as possible. Make sure that nothing is missing from an order by checking off items against the receipt and pay special attention to any specifications, such as to leave out cheese or to include an extra portion of sauce.

Use Branded Packaging

The packaging you use for your deliveries plays an important role in overall customer experience – once your customer has placed their order, the packaging they receive their food in could form their first impression of your restaurant - and first impressions count!

With this in mind, use branded packaging and be sure to close each packed order bag with a branded sticker to show it’s been fully sealed from the moment it left your kitchen.

It’s vital to ensure that the packaging you choose to use keeps the food inside at the correct temperature, so be sure to spend some time researching the best options for each menu item. No one likes soggy chips.

Minimise Wait Times

Your customers are ordering online for convenience, and there may be time pressures involved. Whatever the circumstances, they’re probably hungry! Organising your operation to ensure that customers are receiving their order within a reasonable timeframe (ideally, as quickly as possible) is crucial in terms of customer experience and perception of your business.

By optimising your operations on the back end - having cook-times in mind when designing your menu while making kitchen workflow more efficient - you can significantly lower your prep-time and get your food out to those hungry customers before they become “hangry”.

The Personal Touch

This is the little thing that can make a big difference. Make it personal, and your customers will come away feeling valued and with positive vibes about your restaurant. Personalised discount vouchers, a handwritten thank you note for regular customers, a surprise extra item in a delivery based on a customer’s previous orders – things like this can take your customers’ experience from ‘ok’ to ‘I’m going to tell everyone I know about you, and order again on the weekend!’ Not bad for a free portion of Buffalo Wings, right?

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