The Best Dark Kitchen Spaces

Dec 24, 2021 3:00:00 PM

The ghost kitchen market is booming! Ever since the start of the pandemic, customers have been turning increasingly to online services.


As businesses catch-on to the benefits of reduced operating costs, fewer staff needs and greater efficiencies – dark kitchens are popping up all over the country. It’s a whole world of opportunity for foodie start-ups keen to trial concepts and test new markets.


There are many dark kitchen space providers revolutionising the sector, helping virtual food brands create fantastic fare at competitive prices. Here are our picks of three of the best dark kitchen spaces operating today…


Griller Kitchens


Griller Kitchens offer commercial kitchens with flexible terms – that can grow and adapt as your business changes. They aim to make the process of renting a ghost kitchen simpler and more accessible to anyone getting started in the industry.


Situated on the edge of Birmingham city centre, they have access to over 2.4 million customers within a three mile radius. That’s a massive market for any ambitious virtual food brand to tap into. With zero set-up costs and flexible contracts, they help with the creation of truly user-friendly kitchens.


Quick set-up is the name of the game. So whether you’re looking for a private kitchen, shared kitchen or shift hire – you’ll be cooking in no time!


Cloud IX Kitchens


With the tagline “we do the business, you do the cooking” – it’s not hard to see why so many virtual food brands have chosen Cloud IX’s Kitchens.


They provide restaurant franchise owners with catering units specifically designed to support online food business. This includes dedicated delivery driver parking and a central order processing center for collection and handover.


Cloud IX’s kitchens are fully operational, with state of the art equipment that’s ready to go as soon as you are. It takes the hassle out of starting a ghost kitchen brand, as you don’t have to worry about permits, utility connections or construction delays. If you’ve got an idea for a virtual food brand, you can get cooking straight away.


With spaces starting at 200 square feet, their Uxbridge and Enfield kitchens are usually available for a minimum of six months.


Oya Kitchens


Oya Kitchens are truly revolutionising the ghost kitchen market by offering short-term, truly flexible rentals. This makes Oya kitchens perfect for anyone looking to trial a new idea or host a pop-up residency, as well as businesses searching for more permanent trading locations.


Competitive prices and a great focus on customer support (with a dedicated account manager) make the entire process smooth from start to finish.


With partners including Pasta Evangelists, Wing Shack and PANZO – they’re certainly making a difference! Locations are found all over London and the rest of the UK. From Bank to Birmingham and Bethnal Green, you can rent a kitchen in an area close to home and close to your ideal customers.


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