The Best Tech to Improve Your In-House Restaurant Ops

Dec 6, 2021 10:00:00 AM

The restaurant industry has traditionally operated with very little technology. This has all changed in the last few years, however.


With the massive rise of food delivery platforms and virtual kitchen brands, tech solutions are no longer just ‘nice to have’ ­– they are an essential part of running a successful food franchise.


From point of sale (POS) to employee management, menu planning and marketing, there’s a tech solution to help with every aspect of your operations. Here are three of the best platforms to supercharge your operations.



Airship describes their services as “hospitality CRM that’s great for you and better for guests”. Standing for customer relationship management, Airship are certainly trusted by some amazing brands! This includes Byron Burger, Boston Tea Party, Turtle Bay and Welcome Break (to name just a few).

With ever-increasing data points for digitally savvy ghost kitchen brand owners – Airship helps restaurant franchises integrate their data. From Wi-Fi sign-ups to purchase history, customer feedback, loyalty schemes and contact-us forms, it’s all analyzed and utilized. Say goodbye to manual sorting and segmenting and hello to more efficient marketing.

Airship’s groundbreaking technology automates trigger emails based on their unique profiles (i.e. upcoming birthdays) as well as how often, where and when your guests eat with you. Using what the company calls “proof of presence”, you’ll never miss a sales opportunity again.




So, you’ve got your POS and CRM systems sorted? What about managing your hard-working employees, the people cooking and delivering fantastic food to your customers? Well this is where Blend comes in…


Blend offers “smart employee scheduling and shift planning” via an app. It allows you to go completely paperless and schedule staff in seconds. With added integrations for managing employee payroll and communication, this means you can create a rota and immediately notify staff when they’re working.


It’s like adding an HR team to your restaurant operations. Blend also allows virtual kitchen brands to monitor and approve leave and time-off requests, as well as assign fixed days off to individual team members. Less confusion with shifts creates a happier, more productive workforce – and we all know that teamwork makes the food delivery service work!




If you’re looking for an “all-in-one” hospitality solution – then look no further than LOKE. It’s an ordering, loyalty and marketing platform, 100% customisable for your business needs.


It allows virtual food brands to create fully branded and personalised ordering systems. This is achieved through a suite of digital sales tools with sophisticated rewards and promotions to generate and retain customer loyalty. This includes triggered email campaigns, push notifications and automated audience segmentation tools.


LOKE says their platform increases average order value, frequency of transactions and reduces labour costs. With major catering partners including Comptoir Libanais and City Pub Group– why not take advantage of their free demo and see for yourself?


Peckwater Brands are dedicated to helping restaurant franchise owners run successful virtual kitchen brands and food delivery services. If you run a kitchen, get in touch today and say hello to extra orders, increased revenue and greater profits. You run the kitchen, we do the rest.

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