Why Vegan Food Is Great (and not just for Vegans!)

Jan 1, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Did you know that British people consume more vegan cheese, milk and ready meals than any other European country!? As time goes on, more and more people are choosing vegan options. Experts predict that vegetarian and vegan diets will make up over 25% of the UK dining public by 2025, with over a third opting for “flexitarian diets”. 

A flexitarian focus and sustainable cuisine were two of our key trends to watch for the year ahead. Virtual food brands focusing on vegetarian and vegan dishes are sure to capitalise on this rapidly growing trend. 

As the Covid-19 pandemic and effects of climate change continue, veganism certainly isn’t a flash in the pan…


Why are people adopting vegan diets?


Research has shown that switching to a meat-free diet reduces the risks of diabetes, heart disease, high-blood pressure, obesity issues and cancer.


Reducing animal cruelty is also a big incentive, as are environmental concerns. According to one study conducted by Oxford University, reducing meat and dairy is the “biggest way to reduce your impact on the earth”. The vast amounts of grain needed for meat production are a particular problem. For instance, in Brazil alone – over 5.6 million acres of land is used to grow soya beans for animals in Europe. With numbers like this, it’s not hard to see why veganism is increasing in popularity in the UK. 

So, which vegan virtual food brands, subscription services and online supermarkets are out there? If you’re looking for delicious veggie and vegan inspiration, here’s a few of our current favourites…

Ding Dog


Powered by The Vegetarian Butcher, Ding Dog is one of the most exciting virtual kitchen brands currently on the market. Described as “all the filthy, saucy, drippage you get from a regular Friday night take-out”, Ding Dog offers an astounding array of veggie and vegan treats.


From no-meat nuggets to loaded tater-tots and finger-licking sauces and tips, there’s something for everyone. With amazing hot dogs delivered straight to your door – it’s a plant-based phenomenon.

Planet Organic

When Planet Organic opened in 1995, they were the first shop to be certified by the Soil Association. Their London store focused primarily on health foods, with no artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives, flavours – and of course, all organic. 

Since then, they’ve expanded their operations to create an amazing online store with delivery across the UK. Their “lifestyle” search function allows customers to filter for vegan and vegetarian food as well as no-gluten, raw, wheat-free and dairy-free options (a great idea for ghost kitchen brands too). In an age of choice, it’s all about putting power with the consumer!

All Plants


There’s a lot that restaurant franchise owners can take from All Plants’ subscription business model. Its founders are self-confessedly “obsessed” with the benefits of plant-based diets and provide consumers with nutritious chef-made dishes and frozen meals.


We’ve previously written about how grocery delivery is revolutionising the virtual food brand sector. Could pre-prepared, plant-based, cook-at-home dishes be next?


If you’re looking for virtual kitchen brand and delivery franchise inspiration – browse our brands today. Peckwater Brands are specialists in growing virtual food brands, offering uniquely flexible concepts to work alongside your existing operations.

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