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How To Get More From Your Restaurant POS System

Apr 20, 2022 7:00:00 AM

A restaurant POS system is a fundamental feature of your business operations.


Standing for Point of Sale, it’s a system that processes payments for your food… but it can also be so much more than this. POS technology has rapidly evolved over the last few years, making implementing and using these systems a breeze.


Whilst using the latest POS software is thankfully straightforward, really making the most of your technology is a different matter. With this in mind, here are four ideas for optimising your POS system and improving your bottom line.


1. Invest in the best


First things first, have you invested in the most up to date technology? Do your research carefully, selecting a POS system offering all the features that might help your business.


Your POS system probably offers some reporting already – but could this be improved!?


For instance, would you like in-built inventory management, the ability to analyse traffic and customer behaviour as well as help with staff-scheduling? If you start with the best equipment, you can make the most of all the latest features.


2. Manage your numbers


There’s a big difference between knowing your restaurant franchise numbers and actively managing and analysing them. If you’re relying on your POS system to calculate your labour percentages, staffing and food costs – are you certain this is calculated correctly?


POS systems can help you accurately predict demand, which in turn helps with budgeting, ordering and staff scheduling to ensure maximum profitability for your ghost kitchen brand. As well as identifying busy periods, you could also identify your most popular (and least purchased) dishes and tailor your menu planning appropriately.


What’s more, a great POS system allows you to set business targets, so you can actively pursue key objectives and track your progress.


3. Improve staff accountability


If you rely on a management team to run your food franchise – creating personal accountability and ownership is key. POS systems can help with this, by providing real-time evidence and quantifiable information on your staff’s performance.


This will help you reward your best performing staff (improving team morale) as well as focus on any areas requiring additional training. Some advanced POS systems even come with training modules built in… one less thing for you and your management team to think about.


4. Empower your customers


If appropriate for your business, your POS system could also enable “self-service zones” allowing customers to serve themselves. This will make service run much faster during busy periods.


What’s more, if you’re running a combination of in-house service and virtual food delivery brands – your POS system can also aggregate orders coming from multiple locations and platforms.


Every food franchise operator wants to avoid long customer waits, missed orders and bad reviews; and a great POS system can help with this.


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